Dimitra Dede is clearly one of those photographers who use the world and their experience of space, people, time, shapes, to produce images that express their feelings, and stem from a deep necessity. In her case, the light invents details and sculptures in a dark world and captures silver grains to create vibrations in grey areas, caressing curves and lines, producing emotion and surprise. In her photographs, a hand, a body, a glacier, a female sex, clouds, a face, a tree, a body or a rock are equivalent. Pretexts to make an image, to provoke it, to generate it. For this reason Dimitra Dede considers them as raw material that she works, scratches, transforms, and mutates so as to create a world that exists only in the image, a floating world anchored to a disappeared reality. Time has stopped, or it became eternal, we don't know, as it is strictly photographic and has nothing to do with that of our clocks. 
Glaciers have now structures, between fabric and flesh. Glances, when there are any, emerge from a nebula. Between the body and the rocks, a new relationship mysteriously appears.

            This is another definition of photography. One of artists who try to find in the real and physical world correspondences to their inner world, to their emotions, pains or happiness of a moment. Without ever hiding behind the pretense of an illusory "objectivity". A beautiful way, even if it can sometimes be uncomfortable, to say "I".

Christian Caujolle


Dimitra Dede is a London and Athens based, visual artist working mainly with photography. She studied photography and holds a postgraduate diploma in New Media. Her work has been presented in galleries, museums and festivals in Europe, USA and Asia. Her book ‘Mayflies' was nominated for the Author Book Award at the Rencontres d’Arles Book Awards 2020 and for the Unseen Dummy Award 2018 at the Unseen Festival, Amsterdam. Her book ‘Apeiron' was nominated for the Deutsche Börse Foundation Photography Prize 2023 and the Author Book Award at the Rencontres d’Arles Book Awards 2022.


2022 - Deutsche Börse Foundation Photography Prize 2023, Nomination for Apeiron

2022 - Author Book Award finalist - 'Apeiron', The Rencontres d’Arles Book Awards

2020 - Author Book Award finalist - 'Mayflies', The Rencontres d’Arles Book Awards

2020 - Best books of the year, 'Mayflies', Blake Andrews

2019 - Best books of the year, 'Mayflies', Simon Baker

2018 - Unseen Dummy Award finalist, 'Mayflies', Unseen Festival Amsterdam


Metaphors monograph published by Void

Apeiron monograph published by Origini Edizioni

Mayflies monograph published by Void

Preto 12, Cloro, Dimitra Dede, Guido Gazzilli published by Preto 

A study of Mayflies zine published by Void 

Spew VIII book published by Spewedtion

Found and Lost published by Void/Float Gallery

Nostalgia published by Bad to the Bone and Void

Faux published by the Center for Fine Art Photography

Color Show published by Black Box Gallery

Fishey Photo Review 2020.21 published by Fishey Gallery


MoMA Library, USA

Galerie le Chateau d"Eau Museum, France

Falmouth University Library, UK

Bolland Library, University of the West of England, UK

University of the Arts London Library, UK

Galerie le Chateau d"Eau Library, France

Biblioteca de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Amon Carter Museum of American Art, USA

Cornell University Library, USA

Princeton University Library, USA

Missouri State University Library, USA

Med Photo Fest, Greece

Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum, Georgia

ISSP, Latvia

San Telmo Museum, Spain


2022 - Apeiron exhibition, Galerie le Château d'Eau, France

2021 - Mayflies exhibition, Adorna Gallery, Portugal

2021 - Apeiron exhibition, Spot Home Gallery, Italy


2023 - Michael Ackerman and Dimitra Dede, Arte Fiera, Bologna

2021 - Palais du Gouvernement, Mayflies, Nancy


2023 - Museu da Imagem em Movimento, Territórios, Portugal

2023 - Visage(s) d'Europe, Paris

2023 - Arte Fiera, Bologna

2022 - Festival Les Nuits Photo, Viscera, Paris

2022 - Galerie le Château d'Eau, Apeiron, France

2021 - Adorna Gallery, Mayflies, Portugal

2021 -  Spot Home Gallery, ApeironItaly

2021 - La Nuu Festival, The light of the words, Rubi

2021 - Museum of Fishery & Shipbuilding, The Green Path, Athens

2021 - Palais du Gouvernement, Mayflies, Nancy 

2019 - Athens Photo Festival, The Other Sons and Daughters, Athens

2019 - Belfast Photo Festival, Mayflies, Belfast

2018 - Benaki Museum, Photo-graphē, Athens

2018 - Unseen Festival, Mayflies, Amsterdam

2018 - La Nuu Festival de Fotografia, Viscera, Spain

2018 - Obscura Festival, Viscera - Mayflies, George Town

2018 - Cosmos, Family of No Man, Arles

2017 - Float Gallery, Found and lost, Athens

2016 - Void Art Space, Mayflies,  Athens

2016 - Center for Fine Art Photography, Faux, Colorado

2015 - Black Box gallery, Color show, Portland

2014 - Brighton Photo Biennial, Night Contact, Brighton

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